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 Stakeholders (stakeholders, incubators)

Who are potential partners for collaboration?
  Who are stakeholders of the university incubator?
  Customers of university incubator
  Users of university incubator
  Collaboration partners
Who are stakeholders of the university incubator?

Stakeholders of your university incubator are those individuals or institutions that may directly or indirectly be affected by or have an effect on the incubator. “The support of stakeholders is a critical factor in successfully establishing and operating incubators.” (European Commission, 2002)

During the foundation phase is the university, as an original promoter of the incubator, also a stakeholder of the proposed incubator project (for example in the position of founder / co-founder).


Main stakeholder groups, which should be identified through a stakeholder analysis at initial stages of the process of establishing your university incubator, include:


  1. Customers of the university incubator:
  • sponsors of the incubator,
  • (end) users of the incubator.


  1. Collaboration partners:
  • stakeholders that must be engaged to fulfill incubators mission and goals,
  • other organizations serving the same customers (important is to identify possible ways to complement rather than compete with them).



Figure: Stakeholder groups of university incubator



Understanding incubators stakeholders often goes hand in hand with clarifying objectives of your incubator. Different wider purpose and objectives of the incubator attract different users, different potential co-founders and sponsors of the university incubator as well as potential partners for collaboration as drafted in table below.


For more information, please see the block Mission and Goals – Why are we founding our incubator?


At the same time, the customers and collaboration partners of your university incubator change in time as the incubator develops. Different incubator phases – or its stages of development require different key customers and collaboration partners to grow and become successful.



When establishing academic incubator, key decision makers and influencers need to be involved early, ideally through a stakeholder consultation process. Politically, this plays well, and doing it badly sets up for a difficult launch.  


Source: Oxford University Innovation




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