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Business Model behind University Incubator

One of the main goals of the university incubator is to help start-up companies on their way to reach the position of health and financial viability. When establishing university incubator, it is important to consider how the incubator will be able to achieve the position of health and financial viability for itself and at the same time thinking about ways how to sustain in this position long-term. In other words, to develop a business model, which can take your incubator towards sustainability in the future.

Business model of university incubator describes the rationale of how the incubator creates, delivers and captures value. Business model of your university incubator reflexes the logic how the incubator intends to make money to reach and sustain in the position of health and financial viability.

Business model consists of following parts (Business model Canvas):

Intended customer base;
Customer relationships;
Value proposition;
Channels to reach the intended customers;
Key partners;
Key activities;
Key resources;
Cost structure;
Sources of revenues.

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