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You should select location based on your incubator business model. The placement of the venue influences potential tenants deal flow. Based on the business model of the incubated companies, location could be part of the support. Centrally located incubator offering meeting rooms is perfect place to meet with clients and discuss new business with established companies from the region. According to Smilor and Gill (1986) the extent of access to potential external entrepreneurial networks is one of the key factors to business incubation success.

If your incubator supports specific industry, you should consider location in area with this industry expertise. For example, locate the incubator in the part of a city where are based other ICT companies. If you are research focused incubator and companies relate on top laboratory environment as a source of value, you can have a location somewhere further from the city centre. University run incubators are sometimes located near dorms or at the university itself.

In order to safe time of tenants, incubator should be easily accessible by public transportation and/or have access to parking slots.

Recommended locations

City district with existing entrepreneurial or innovation eco-systems
University or dorm vicinity
Suburbs - suitable for high tech and research incubators

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