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What is incubation?

Incubation is "a collection of techniques that can be used to prove an idea, develop a team and de-risk ventures for later stage investors. It happens in accelerator programmes, co-working spaces, social venture academies and learning programmes, competitions and through the work of very early-stage investors" (Dee et al, 2015, p. 10). There are thousands of organisations across the world which are using a vareity of methods to provide an environment which reduce the costs and overcome barriers to launching and growing enterprises.

Clear mission and goals are factor that promotes success in business incubation

In our survey of entrepreneurship support organisations we found that one of the most commonly cited factors the attributed to their success is the clarity of their mission and goals (SUPER survey report 2016). This came across even more strongly from new incubators that had been established for less than 5 years. This is not surprising as the mission and goals of your incubator will impact on many aspects of how you design your incubator and how your business training and development programme(s). For example, what stage of start-up your organisation supports; how you select applicants; what services and training you need to provide to help your clients; when you provide this support etc. [...]

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